Duties include:

  • Accepts Passport Applications
  • Caretaker of buildings subject to Board of Supervisors
  • Computes tax levies, figures taxes
  • Secretary of the Board of Supervisors proceedings
  • Computes agricultural land credits, homestead credits, military exemptions and apportions on tax lists
  • Pays claims, files and records claims allowed by Supervisors
  • Custodian of voting machines
  • Commissioner of Elections, receives and records elections returns and certifies same to Secretary of State
  • Keeps tax account and cash account with County Treasurer showing all receipts and expenditures
  • Records reports of county officers, township clerks and trustees
  • Enters all real estate deeds in plat and transfer books before same are recorded
  • Prepares and publishes financial report at end of each year
  • Issues cigarette, beer and liquor licenses to dealers outside cities