Osceola County offers great proximity to natural landscapes and recreational amenities, from campgrounds and parks to trails and hunting areas. Our quality of life allows us year-round activities throughout the county. In addition, the history of the county is being well preserved thanks to the Osceola County Historical Society, which was founded in 1936. The Historical Society deserves credit for giving Osceola County several museums, from which we have been given the opportunity to preserve our past.

Museums & Historical Sites


McCallum Museum and Brunson Heritage House
5th Street and 8th Avenue, Sibley, IA 51249

Built in 1957, the museum includes many pioneer tools, artifacts, and household goods. Such items as Civil War guns, swords and uniforms, china and glassware, buggies, farm equipment, and photographs are also on display. In a later addition, collections from Dorothea Brunson of antique home furnishings have been placed. Free will offering.

Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2-4pm; Sundays 1.30-4pm

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Tracy House 2

Tracy House
252-298 Porter St, Ocheyedan, IA 51354


The Tracy House was purchased and moved to its present location in Ocheyedan in 1902, by Mr. and Mrs. Romey Tracy. The inside is furnished with items donated by the community which date before 1902. Some of the items include dishes, a table, and a bible from the Congregational Church. In 1976 the Osceola County Historical Society became interested in preserving the house. In addition to the house there is a steel building which contains historical agricultural tools, old office machines, county records, books, photographs, and trophies. Tours available by appointment.

Summer hours: 2-4pm on Sundays

A local museum situated downtown in Ashton, Iowa Saturday Nov. 5, 2016.   (Photo by Jerry L Mennenga©)

The DeBoer Grocery Museum
320 3rd St., Ashton, Iowa 51232

Located on Ashton's main Street, this museum houses artifacts from DeBoer's Grocery Store, Knutsen's Clothing Store, Hoffman's Shoe Repair, and St. Joseph's Grade School and High School. Historic grocery store has preserved equipment and memorabilia of the early 1900s. It features original shelving, fruit and vegetable counters, walk-in meat cooler, scales, cash register, and railroad memorabilia.

Lorch Mennonite Barn,
Marshall bldg

Lorch Mennonite Barn

Located outside May City, some say the Lorch Mennonite Barn was constructed by a Mennonite settlement in 1889, but a book written about the building puts the date at 1906. The Mennonites constructed their buildings with beams and wooden pegs, which can be seen throughout the barn.

A Mennonite cemetery is located midway between the Lorch barn and May City on 220th Street.

Harris Marshal Building

Located off Main Street, Harris, the old marshal building in Harris has been restored thanks for a group of dedicated volunteers. The two jail cells that once kept inmates at the Harris Marshal's Office in the early 20th Century remain today. The historic building is also still home to old city and city sewer maps. The Harris city council continued to meet there until sometime in the '80s or '90s. A calendar displaying February 1991 still hangs today.

Address: 105 Henry Avenue W, Harris Iowa.


Osceola County Freedom Rock

Osceola County Freedom Rock

Come visit Osceola County's Freedom Rock, located in the Ashton Wayside Park just east of downtown Ashton. A grand opening ceremony was held in summer 2019. Ray “Bubba” Sorensen completed painting the boulder in March of 2018.

Local Brews


Drink Me Brewing

Come visit Drink Me Brewing Company's newly opened craft beer tasting room!

Opening hours:

  •  Fridays from 6-10pm
  • Saturdays from 6-10pm

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Hawkeye Point and Ocheyedan Mound

Hawkeye POint blue skies

Iowa's highest elevation at 1,670 feet! The point includes an agricultural museum in a corn crib and a large display of antique farm machinery. In addition, an observation deck was added to the existing silo, and an informational kiosk and mosaic display are located at the High Point. An Iowa Gothic sign allows visitors a unique photo opportunity at Hawkeye Point, as do the directional signs to the right pointing to each of the 49 other state highpoints.

Live webcam:
Visit: 5463 130th Street, Sibley IA 51249 Map

Located one mile southeast of Ocheyedan, this 29 acre area is an historic site with hiking opportunities. Ocheyedan Mound was formed by the Wisconsin Glacier approximately 13,000 years ago.

Once thought to be Iowa’s highpoint, the scenic 1,655 foot tall Ocheyedan Mound is a 29 acre area historic site
with hiking opportunities.

Visit: 6400 170th St (junction of A22 and L58).