Economic Development

The Osceola County Economic Development Commission commenced operations on July 1, 1988. It was established as a non-profit 28E organization under Iowa law. Chapter 28E organizations are defined as the joint exercise of governmental powers with the purpose to permit local governments to make efficient use of their powers by enabling them to provide joint services and facilities with other agencies and to cooperate in other ways of mutual advantage. OCEDC is a separate entity for all legal purposes and serves each contributing unit of local government.

An intergovernmental agreement was made between Osceola County and the Cities of Ashton, Harris, Melvin, Ocheyedan and Sibley. Each of these units of local governments adopted resolutions approving and executing the constitution of the OCEDC.

The Osceola County Economic Development Commission is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of an appointed representative from each of the six governmental entities in the County (Harris, Ocheyedan, Ashton, Melvin, Sibley and Osceola County). These Directors serve on a voluntary basis with no remuneration and are invaluable to the achievement of the goals of the Commission.

Osceola County Economic Development Commission Board of Directors:

  • Ashton: Brian Mino
  • Harris: Amy Muftah
  • Melvin: Kim McDougall
  • Ocheyedan: Joe McElroy
  • Sibley: Jolene Fisher
  • Osceola County: Mike Schulte
  • Economic Development Director: Andre Abadie
    • 712-754-2523