Duties include:

  • Enforces the Law and Safety throughout the County
  • Maintains and Operates the County Jail
  • Animal Protection and Control
  • Handgun and Concealed Weapon Permit
  • Garnishments
  • Conducts Sheriff's Sale of Property
  • Civil Service
  • 911 Emergency Services

Public Safety Board members:

  • Arlyn Pedley, Chair, Ocheyedan Mayor
  • Jerry Johnson, Vice Chair, Sibley Mayor
  • Jerry Helmers, County Supervisor
  • LeRoy De Boer, County Supervisor
  • Patrick DeVries, Ashton Representative
  • Paul Heitritter, Melvin Representative
  • Lynelle Thiner, Sibley Representative
  • Russ Meier, Harris Representative
  • Sheriff Kevin Wollmuth

Public Safety Board Documents: