Duties include:

  • Legal Advisor to the Board of Supervisors, County Departments, and County Township Officers
  • Serves as the Chief Law Enforcement Official of the County
  • Serves as the Chief Legal Advisor of the County
  • Represents the County in most Civil Legal Matters
  • Represents the County in all Criminal Cases in the County, prosecuting all violations of Iowa law and County Ordinances
  • Represents the County in all Juvenile Cases
  • Represents the County in all Mental Health and Substance Abuse Committal Proceedings
  • Represents the County in proceedings to recover debts owed to the County

The Osceola County Attorney DOES NOT:

  • Represent private persons or entities in civil, criminal, or juvenile matters
  • Provide legal advice or counsel to private persons or entities, or government officials in their personal capacity
  • Prepare legal documents or filings for private persons or entities

Contact the County Attorney’s Office

300 7th St.
Sibley, IA 51249
Phone: (712) 754-4604
Fax: (866) 991-0477

Public Records Request Form

Staff Contacts:

Nolan McGowan, County Attorney

Elizabeth Tinoco, Legal Assistant/Paralegal/Witness Coordinator