Ambulance Service

Duties include:

  • Provides safest and most efficient emergency services to our county and surrounding citizens
  • Maintains the quality of care by coordinating all initial and continuing education for all EMS providers to enhance their lifesaving skills.

Free EMT class

Enroll in an Emergency & Health Services class today at NCC. Click here for more information about all classes on offer.

Classes for:

  • EMS
  • Nurses
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Firefighter
  • others wanting more training in a health field


Osceola County EMS was founded with the sole purpose of supporting Osceola Co. with medical and trauma emergencies. Osceola Co. EMS has provided and continues to provide Osceola Co.  with trained professionals who are available and ready to help at the drop of a hat. Osceola Co. EMS understands the importance of community involvement within the EMS system, so that we may become “Stronger Together.”

  • Osceola Co. EMS also does many community outreach events throughout the year. We do CPR classes, stand by services, safety fairs, and prevention classes. Osceola Co. EMS members also volunteer on their own to provide CPR and first aid classes.

Have you ever asked yourself what can I do to improve myself and my community?  Volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping other individuals and the community at large.  It is working with others to make a meaningful contribution to better a community.  Have you thought about serving your community in this way? We always welcome new members. We need you!

2020-2021 has been a very different year. We have taken many extra precautions with personal protective equipment and the cleaning of our rigs on every call. We have been very busy.

As a team, we ask for your continued community support to provide these services.  Osceola Co. EMS is your homegrown EMS who serve and fill the needs of Osceola Co. and surrounding areas.  We hope that you will partner with us in providing comprehensive emergency medical services to our community.

Osceola Co. EMS requests your consideration of a donation toward our team.   If you wish to send a donation you may send to: Osceola Co. EMS, PO Box 15, Sibley, IA 51249


Osceola Co. EMS
EMS Director Sande Smith and  EMA Director Dan Bechler

Contact the Ambulance Service

2nd Avenue
Sibley, IA 51249
Phone (712) 754-4130
Fax: (712) 754-4471

Staff Contacts:

Sande Smith, EMS Director
(712) 754-4130